We need carbs to survive, people! It’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Don’t fear the carb.


there are actually no “good” or “bad” foods. i know plenty of athletes/gym goers who eat simple carbohydrates to fuel up for their workouts and for post workout recovery

just eat what makes you happy and makes you feel good

I COMPLETELY agree with 29-palms. There are not “good” carbs and “bad” carbs. There are slow-processing and fast-processing carbs. They both have different purposes, different uses, and are beneficial at different times of your day in relation to your training.

Also something that always bugs me when people say it—actually the only “empty calories” are alcohol which are technically not a carb, fat, or protein (hence why they are considered empty). A fast carb is not “empty”. Sure it may be more calorie-dense or process faster, but it’s still has macronutrients that your body needs so inherently it is not “empty”. Just a little debate on word choice I suppose hahaha. Mmmmk I’ll stop now


Chris and Tom offered to help me train to become a police officer.

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